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Bucks, Montgomery,  and Philadelphia Counties

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Bucks, Montgomery,  and Philadelphia Counties

Dryer Repair


Do you need dryer repair service in Bucks, Montgomery,  or Philadelphia Counties PA?

Are your clothes damp and not drying completely after a full cycle?


If your dryer is showing any other strange symptoms that seem to point to the need for dryer repair,

 please don’t hesitate to contact Reed's Appliance Repair


Dryers are quite complicated machines, and even the highest quality and dependable models can malfunction in a variety of ways due to misuse, age,

etc. Therefore we offer the complete range of dryer repair services. That means regardless of how your dryer is misbehaving, our professionals will be

there to fix the problem. We commonly resolve issues such as:


Bucks, Montgomery,  and Philadelphia Dryers Repair Service


• Dryer runs, but won’t heat during the cycle

• Over Heating

• Dryer needs a vent cleaning

• Odd Vibrations

• Dryer continues to run for hours

• Dryer makes a high pitched squeaking noise during the cycle

• Makes a loud noise during the cycle

• Won’t start

• Bars/baffles inside have come loose or are broken

• Handle is broken

• Door won’t shut

• Need an LP conversion kit installed my gas dryer

• Dryer isn’t leveled

• Need venting on machine changed?

• Other


From mere thermostat replacements to complex drum issues, we are here to accommodate your needs. We serve the Bucks, Montgomery,

and Philadelphia Counties. We will work efficiently to quickly get your appliances in proper working condition so you can move on with your daily


Reed's Appliance Repair

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