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Doylestown PA Washer Repair

Doylestown Washer Repair


When needing a washing machine repair company in Doylestown PA and surrounding areas that you can trust, call us at Reed's Appliance Repair.

Our trucks are stocked with parts for most makes and models to try and get the job done for you the first visit. If we do not have the right part for

you we will order it and complete the job within 24 hours of the part arriving. Our trained technicians are here to help you through your inconvenience

situation. Call today to schedule your washing machine service appointment.


Doylestown Washing Machine Service:


• Getting an error code on my washer

• Washer isn’t draining

• Won’t fill with water

• Fills with water, but won’t do anything afterwards

• Making a loud noise during the cycle

• Isn’t getting any hot water

• Leaking

• Hear a metal-to-metal clashing sound

• Sounds like a jet engine taking off

• Selection buttons or timer is not cycling properly

• Washer is walking across the room

• Smell something burning when I run a cycle through my washer


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